The Fan: An Introduction

One thing I get asked every so often¬†is just how someone from Edmonton became a fan of teams thousands of miles away like the¬†Houston Astros and the San Antonio Spurs. (The answers by the way are when I was a kid, my first baseball uniform looked like the Astros “tequila sunrise” uniforms so I gravitated to them, and a classmate back in 1988 was telling me how this David Robinson kid was going to be for the Spurs – as soon as he was done […]

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MLB - Boston Red Sox

But I Thought Round *Was* A Shape!

It would seem as though Pablo Sandoval not only put on some extra weight into his wallet but also himself this past winter. Thing is, does it really matter if he’s a *few* pounds heavier?

Who Told The Padres They Could Try To Win?

If it was almost any other team, baseball fans would be freaking out over the kind of one-winter rebuild job the San Diego Padres have done, but then it’s the Padres, so…

MLB - San Diego Padres

NHL - Winnipeg Jets

The Line

Did Evander Kane overreact to a harmless prank or was this his team ganging up and bullying him? Is it possible this was both of those things?

Get Your Shit Together Football!

The NFL has had a very rough stretch but if they just followed some simple rules suggested to them, they’d be ready to move on… Maybe…


Honest Weather

The crazy weather in this country would be a lot easier to take if the official weather reports contained this kind of humour…

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MISC - EA Sports

Even Tony Romo’ing Is “In The Game”

I liken being an EA Sports Madden fan to being a Winnipeg Jets fan AND use Tony Romo as a verb to set up a 28 second video clip. Easily one of my best posts ever!

Taking The ALS Challenge

Unless you’ve lived under a rock you know about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has been viral for the last couple of weeks now and if I had my way would last more than a month or two…

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