But I Thought Round *Was* A Shape!

It would seem as though Pablo Sandoval not only put on some extra weight into his wallet but also himself this past winter. Thing is, does it really matter if he’s a *few* pounds heavier?

MLB - Boston Red Sox

MLB - San Diego Padres

Who Told The Padres They Could Try To Win?

If it was almost any other team, baseball fans would be freaking out over the kind of one-winter rebuild job the San Diego Padres have done, but then it’s the Padres, so…

The Line

Did Evander Kane overreact to a harmless prank or was this his team ganging up and bullying him? Is it possible this was both of those things?

NHL - Winnipeg Jets


Get Your Shit Together Football!

The NFL has had a very rough stretch but if they just followed some simple rules suggested to them, they’d be ready to move on… Maybe…

MISC - Canada

Honest Weather

The crazy weather in this country would be a lot easier to take if the official weather reports contained this kind of humour…

Even Tony Romo’ing Is “In The Game”

I liken being an EA Sports Madden fan to being a Winnipeg Jets fan AND use Tony Romo as a verb to set up a 28 second video clip. Easily one of my best posts ever!

MISC - EA Sports

MISC - Rant

Taking The ALS Challenge

Unless you’ve lived under a rock you know about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has been viral for the last couple of weeks now and if I had my way would last more than a month or two…

Dallas Eakins And Jason Garrett Have A Conversation…

Edmonton Oilers coach Dallas Eakins recently talked to Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys and unless it was for tips on where the best seats in “Jerry World” are, I doubt the conversation was very productive for either man.

NHL - Edmonton Oilers