1. Anjohl

    I have to say, I agree. I just happened to tune into raw *just* as Punk was starting…if only there were more like him. He is just incredible, and aside from the SES angle, WWE has NEVER done right by him.


    • I don’t even feel they ever really did SES right… Punk carried that angle as well as he could but SES and even Nexus under his leadership could have been done so much better.

  2. Sean

    It is nice to see that the WWE can poke fun at itself. But I do agree that CM Punk doesn’t get the airtime that he deserves, while it is all given to John Cena and his buddies. Punk is a lot like Rodney Dangerfield, he gets no respect.

  3. chris

    cm punk? worst name 4 a wrestler…. since red rooster! way way overrated! cum on people. cm punk couldn carry hogans jock strap!


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