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Poor Youppi!

Want to laugh at a depressed mascot as he fulfils a Twitter bet made with Jimmy Fallon? Of course you do!

NHL - Montreal Canadiens

MISC - Fans

You Wanted It More Than Them??

It’s expected that fans want their sports teams to win championships so badly that the sight of them losing hurts to watch. Just don’t tell me that there is a fan out there that wanted to win more than the actual player themselves…

NHL - Edmonton Oilers

I Actually Do Kind Of Miss Seeing This…

I’m not an Oilers fan – not that I freely admit anyway – but I do respect the history and there was one Edmonton landmark that I actually didn’t mind seeing that of course has been since covered up because.. well… Edmonton.

The Twitter House Rules

Being a bit of a power user on Twitter, I don’t think we need 100 rules on how to use it… But there are 10 everyone should stick too.

MISC- Twitter

MISC- Twitter

I’m Such A Twit

Twitter and the concept behind it should not be my thing. 140 characters to sum up a thought that I may have banging around in my head? I can barely sum up any thoughts I have at any time in 140 words or less let alone 140 characters.